After 8 years of investing at General Catalyst, building Sano as Co-Founder and scaling Omada Health as Director of Product, I took a year off to travel, consult, and rapidly build products that I'd like to see exist in the world. In that time I met and took on advisory relationships with Platejoy, Sibly, ZenFit, and Path. I built Gear Caliber (taken offline), a Rotten Tomatoes for consumer products, with a few close friends for fun. I've invested in a few companies; some failed, one exited, one is a unicorn.

I'm currently Co-Founder, COO of Solana. In late 2017 I reconnected with Anatoly Yakovenko, a rockstar who spent 12 years in pivotal roles at Qualcomm, for coffee. He had an idea for a groundbreaking new architecture for a high-performance blockchain that could support NASDAQ- and Visa-level throughput, which is table stakes if society is to build anything truly meaningful on-chain. Since then, we've shipped a lightning-fast distributed ledger technology for mission-critical decentralized applications. The architecture works. We're thrilled, and now are working on building an ecosystem and business around this tech.