Scientists recently discovered that life is awesome.
Let's make the most of it.


After 8 years of investing at General Catalyst, building Sano as Co-Founder and scaling Omada Health as Director of Product, I'm taking time off to travel, consult, and rapidly build products that I'd like to see exist in the world. I advise Platejoy, Sibly, ZenFit, Path, and Sano. I recently built Gear Caliber for fun. I've invested in a few companies. One of them has exited. Currently Co-Founder, COO of Solana.


Envisioning, designing, and coding great products. Building bulletproof businesses. Consumer software and hardware that helps people become their best selves (health, fitness, mindfulness, education, productivity). I build products, teams, and businesses.


Visual design, painting, snowboarding, cycling, boxing, hiking, time-lapse photography, meditating, drones, cultural immersion, and anything with a nice view of nature. Also dogs.


Happiness and enlightenment come from rigorous exploration of space, both inner and outer. Helping others to do the same is a great way to live a good life.